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Start your professional career with Casale.

Together for a new planet

Casale is a global provider of technologies and engineering solutions in the chemical field.

Our unique team of creative and talented engineers entwine innovation and sustainability, providing tailored solutions for plants construction and revamping.

Everyday we work to create new generation plants with low environmental impact and to rethink existing plants, making them more sustainable and efficient.

Our lifelong learning and professional development program that aims to enhance knowledge, skills and experience at all levels, genders and ages.


We are a training company for apprentices and actively cooperate with Universities through partnerships aimed at facilitating job placement. Thanks to our apprenticeships you will discover first-hand our world through training programs designed to develop both soft and hard skills.


Competence Booster Program

Are you a graduate or a Ph.D. searching for the perfect way to get your career started? 
Our Competence Booster Program is what you’re looking for! A one-year comprehensive experience to expand your professional horizons and better understand your skills and talents.
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We aim to enhance your best self. This is why we are implementing learning solutions to provide technical expertise and good practices in order to ensure our people’s professional development.


We encourage our people to think outside the box. This is why we are working on designing learning experiences that explore innovative and sustainable practices across a wide range of industries and sectors, so that creativity can sparkle within Casale.


A certified one-year comprehensive experience to boost your professional career

Dedicated to graduate or Ph.D. students, Casale Career Booster Program offers a 12 month learning experience where you will work in various positions and Areas within Casale: Engineering, Process, Project, Commercial and Digital. This will allow you to gain a comprehensive understanding of our structures and methods and how the different divisions work together to bring a project to life.

The personalized training program will offer both theoretical and practical focus for each Area, so that you can experience what really means to work in the field, from the feasibility study to the construction of a plant, from the initial selling proposal to the digital after sales services. You will also discover how our R&D department works, as well as gain insight into all of our other divisions to fully understand how we operate as a company. A personal Tutor will always be by your side and you’ll get all the technical support you need from the Casale’s professionals you’ll be teamed with. On completion of the Program, you’ll be awarded the Competence Booster Certificate, a valuable qualification setting a high level starting point for your professional career.

A comprehensive experience that gives you the unique and exciting opportunity to expand your professional horizons and gain and better understand your skills and talents, while challenging yourself in exploring new ways to solve global challenges – and contribute to create Plants for a new Planet.

Dive into the world of plants & piping design

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the selection and application of machinery in Casale’s plants, and even help prepare technical documentation.

But that’s not all: you’ll also get to master piping components and their management from design to installation at the construction site.

Discover the beating heart of our company and how a project comes to life

Get an inside look at how we define the architecture of our plants and the basic definition and sizing of all its components. Join our team of process engineers and attend technical meetings with our customers.

Collaborate with Casale’s top professionals from Engineering and R&D areas to get acquainted with steady state and dinamic simulations, understand the concepts of designing sustainable plants and decarbonizing old installation.

Unfold the power of storytelling

You’ll have the opportunity to dive into our products and technology portfolio, getting up close and personal with the commercial aspects of our sales area and customer relations. You’ll experience the development of a commercial offer, learning how a technical-commercial offer is drafted and proposed.

Working closely with our Sales and Marketing & Communication departments, you’ll learn how to bridge the gap between potential customers’ demands and the products/services offered by Casale.

Master how industrial project management gets really done

You will experience first-hand industrial project management, digging into project management techniques. Starting from a plan project, our Project Managers will show you the ropes, teaching you how to plan, monitor, and analyze budgets, costs, and revenues. Briefly, you’ll see everything needs to be done to actually bring a plant to life.

You’ll also get an inside look at materials procurement, from purchasing to delivery, and experience a plant construction site firsthand.

Uncover digital technology in plant construction & optimization

You will discover how our cutting-edge digital technologies are applied to solve challenging thermodynamic and process simulation problems using our in-house computational codes, how we manage and store business related data using advanced databases, and how we perform data analysis to get enterprise insights.